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A dream to help Singapore booming manufacturing industrial sector in the 1970s, Victory Hardware Company was founded in 1978 in Singapore as an Abrasive Distributor with the sole purpose of helping manufacturing industrial firms source for quality abrasive products.

Staying true to the philosophy of the firm, Victory Hardware not only survived through the rapid economic development of Singapore but also has grown from strength to strength over the past 3 decades as a quality abrasive distributor, always putting customers interests first.

Victory Hardware is a sole agent and authorized distributor of high-quality European abrasive products such as VSM Abrasive, Verox, Sonnenflex, Lapport, Cecrops and many more. The focus on Abrasives have positioned Victory Hardware as an Specialist in Quality Abrasive Distributor and Supplier to major industry in Singapore.

The wide range of product line coupled with authorised and sole distribution rights is a testament of Victory’s unwavering dedication to provide industrialists a wholesome experience in sourcing for quality abrasive products. The emphasis on quality abrasive allows us to provide products that meets world-class standards of manufacturing safety and usability.

Victory Hardware Company supplies to a wide range of industry encompasses precision engineering, marine, aerospace and oil and gas sectors.

If you are looking for a long lasting working relationship to provide your abrasive products needs, drop us an email or ring us up for a no obligation appointment.