Composites / Special Markets

Specialty Market, Carbon Fibre, Fibre Glass etc.

Many customers benefit from Flexible Super-abrasives technology. We have seen success in Metallography and other flat lapping operations, laser, fibre optic connectors and precision optics. Centreless grinding with multiple heads gives single pass finishes on material as diverse as heating elements and carbon-fibre shafts. Sharpening operations from skis to skates and knives have been improved with higher cost effectiveness with our diamond products.

High-tech composite materials also provide specific challenges for precision grinding and polishing. These materials compose of glass fibres, Kevlar, carbon fibre and eproxy resin used in trains, boats, planes amongst the many other uses.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the products supply are of the industry’s highest standard, providing technical assistance and superb service to our clients.

Below is a small representation of the products that apply to the Special Market.

Coated Abrasives

Diamond Abrasive