Transport Engineering

MRT Railway Tracks

The Transport Engineering industry is the application of technology and engineering to the planning, design, operation and management of facilities for any mode of transport in order to provide a safe, reliable, efficient, economical and environmentally compatible movement of people and goods.

In Singapore, our focus is on the maintenance and fabrication of MRT railway tracks and highway, road fabrication. The main products includes the cutting and grinding of metal, concrete for works to be done. With our diamond and conventional abrasive, we can be sure to get great cost effectiveness solutions for your application.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the products supply are of the industry’s highest standard, providing technical assistance and superb service to our clients.

Below is a small representation of the products that apply to the Transport Engineering Industry.

Coated Abrasives

Diamond Abrasive

Abrasive Roll

Abrasive Disc

Abrasive Sheet

Abrasive Flap Disc

Mop Wheel & Flap Wheel

Bonded Abrasives

Cutting & Grinding Disc

Parting off Wheel

Resinoid Wheel

Semi-Flexible Disc

Mounted Point

Diamond/CBN Wheel

Wire Brushes

Crimped Wire Wheel

Crimped Cup Brushes

Twist Knot Cup Brushes

High Speed Brushes

End Brush

Laminated Brushes / Protective Brushes

Control Brushes

Circular Brush

Abrasive Nylon / Flexible Abrasive