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Abrasive Belt, also known as abrasive sanding belts, sanding belt. Sanding cloth belt have a cloth material backing of various weight with abrasive grains attached to its surface which is part of the ‘coated abrasive’ family of abrasive products.


Sandpaper is used to remove small amount of material from surfaces, for the purpose of smoothing, remove a layer of material, or sometimes make the surface rougher. Whatever the grinding application, there is a appropriate abrasive belt in a suitable material and grit to fit your requirements.

For High Stock Removal: Products that are based on VSM Ceramics and Zirconia Alumina are ideal solutions where a more aggressive cut is needed.

For Fine Surface Finishing: We would recommend compact grain abrasives feature a granulate structure. Compact grain products ensure extra long service life, thus reducing the number of set-ups required for a machine, as well as a highly consistent stock removal with a uniform finish throughout their service life.

Comes in many different dimensions, backings, material types (e.g. aluminium oxide, ceramic, zirconia) and grits to suit your application.

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Abrasive Belt

Material Available Grit

Aluminium Oxide




P40 P60 P80 P100 P120 P150 P180 P320 P400 P600 P800

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