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Abrasive Disc by VSM

Known as abrasive disc, sanding disc, fibre disc, this form of abrasive is in a disc form coated with abrasive grains attached to its surface which is part of the ‘coated abrasive’ family of abrasive products.


Sandpaper is used to remove small amount of material from surfaces, for the purpose of smoothing, remove a layer of material, or sometimes make the surface rougher.

Comes in different dimensions, backings, bonds, shapes, material types (e.g. aluminium oxide, ceramic, zirconia) and grits to suit your application.


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Material Available Grit

Aluminium Oxide

Silicon Carbide


Ceramic Plus* NEW!

16   24   32   36   40   50   60   80   100   120  180  320  400

*Different Sizes, Grit, Specification of Materials Available! VSM SF08


VSM Zirconium ZF714

VSM Ceramics Plus XF885

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