Crimped Wire Cup Brush

Wire brushes are made from a large number of steel wire bristles. The steel used is generally a high carbon variety and is very hard. Available in various types of wires to suit your application. Available in Cable Crimped Wire for maximum and safer performance!

Technical Information:

  • Specially designed for use on portable machines (angle grinders), electric or pneumatic
  • Appropriate for brushing large surfaces with a medium removal capacity.
  • Fastening: plain bore or threaded arbor hole. We recommend threaded arbor hole because of their easier use and safety.
  • Exclusive design and patented multifitting thread in two different versions; one is valid for M14 and 5/8- 11 attachments (Code R88); the other is valid for M10 x 1,5 and M10 x 1,25 systems (Code R77).


  • Removal of rust, paint or any kind of adherence.
  • Cleaning of castings.
  • Treating metallic surfaces, rubber, plastic, wood or glass.
  • Metallic construction, ship-building, boiler industry, stone and concrete.

*Other sizes and specification available upon request.


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Crimped Wire Cup Brush ImageCable Crimped Wire Cup Brush Image


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