Abrasive Flap Disc by CECROPS / VEROX

Flap disc or Abrasive Flap Disc is made from cut sheets of abrasives, stacked into a multi-layered fibre glass backing disk. This form of abrasive is in a disc form coated with abrasive grains attached to its surface which is part of the ‘coated abrasive’ family of abrasive products.


  • The best abrasive tool for deburring and finishing with a portable angle grinder for all kind of metals, especially stainless steel.
  • Backing adapted for each specific need
  • Choice of most suitable abrasive for each purpose.
  • Direct mounting on the machine, no backing pad required
  • Demurring and finishing usually in one operation, save time!
  • Working speed up to 80m/s
  • DSA safety certifications in force.

Fibre Glass Backing

Light Disc, easily adaptable to curved forms. Avoids possible scratches on working piece, easier work of corners with back wear. Very versatile!


Comes in different dimensions, backings, angle, material types (e.g. ceramic, zirconia) and grits to suit your application.


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