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Abrasive Flap Wheel & Mop Wheel

Abrasive Mop Wheel & Abrasive Flap Wheels are a different form of coated abrasive, which are made in a fan-form. They are coated with different materials and forms for different uses. Comes mounted with shank and without of varying sizes.


  • Light grinding and mat-finishing of stainless steel, castings, moulds and tools.
  • Blending, deburring and cleaning of metal, wood and plastics.
  • Removing flash and parting line.
  • Used in portable air-tools or electric tools

Comes in different dimension and grain sizes.

*Other sizes and specifications are available upon request.


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Specifications & Dimensions



Material Available Grit

Aluminium Oxide


60   80   120

*Different Sizes, Grit, Specification of Materials Available! *Call to enquire!


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