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Grinding Wheel Dresser

Mybortin dresser is made from pure ‘Borbarbid’, the hardest material after diamond. Also known as Dressing Stick, Grinding Dresser.
Because of this superior hardness compared to other abrasives (eg. silicon carbide or corundum), the abrasive grain will not be torn out of the binding, but cuts smoothly.

Mybortin dressers / Dressing Stick / Grinding Dresser offer an economical alternative to the diamond due to their low price in relation to the proven efficiency. Their use is especially favoured for blunt tool grinding wheels with a diameter of up to 300 mm, from a grain size of ca. 40 and finer and up to a degree of hardness.


Mybortin dressers are furnished as easy-to-handle squared rods. The 12 mm wide dressing edge gives a smooth, even grinding surface. The dressers can also be used with fitted holders.



Mybortin dressers are used to dress dull or dirty abrasive surfaces to make them clean and grippy.


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