High Speed Line Brushes

Wire brushes are made from a large number of steel wire bristles. The steel used is generally a high carbon variety and is very hard. Available in various types of wires to suit your application

Technical Information:

  • JAZ High Speed Brushes have been specially designed for low weight and high speed mini-grinders (11,000 R.P.M.).
  • High removal capacity and efficiency at high speed performance.
  • Comfortable use and elimination of human fatigue.
  • Special design allowing access to angles and flexible performance on any surface.


Wire brushes are used primarily as an abrasive implement, for cleaning rust, removing paint or cleaning surfaces. Designed for use on portable machines (angle grinders), electric or pneumatic

  • For continuous and frequent brushing processes (ship building, metallic structures, welding, maintenance, etc.).
  • Exclusive design and patented multifitting thread in two different versions; one is valid for M14 and 5/8- 11 attachments (Code R88); the other is valid for M10 x 1,5 and M10 x 1,25 systems (Code R77). The new design is also extended to single threads. It allows an easier attachment and increases resistance resulting in more safety for the user


*Other sizes and specification available upon request.

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