• Hard arkansas, a type of natural abrasive for polishing and finishing

Hard Arkansas Stone / Natural Abrasive Stone

Hard Arkansas

The abrasive material for absolute exactness of precision tools

Hard arkansas oil stones and grinding files are named according to their origin. A particularly uniform structure and high fineness and hardness are the prerequisite for a gentle but precise cutting action. They are applied in field where sensitive parts and precision tools come into use: in clockmakers, engravers and precision tool workshop, as well as in surgical fields.

The extremely fine and uniform grain of the hard Arkansas products ensures precise, edge-free fine-tuning for clean, burr-free cutting. Hard Arkansas oil stones should only be used with pure, thin oil (fine grinding) or petroleum. For cleaning and for retaining the grip it is recommendable to rub with a similar or with a medium Silicon Carbide abrasive stone, adding water.



Record Arkansas

Record Arkansas are high-quality material combinations, composed of a coarse and a fine side. The fine abrasive pad is indissolubly connected with a coarse material.


The proven coarse-fine combination offers ideal conditions for the use of the record chunks in different areas. The versatility of this product proves to be a craft and household asset. Record Arkansas are used for the optimal processing of carpentry, shoemaking or butcher knives, knives for the household and for other cutting tools.


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