• Nylon fleece wheel and non woven mop wheel

Non Woven Wheel / Nylon Fleece Wheel

Non Woven Wheel & Nylon Fleece Wheel are a different form of coated abrasive, which are made in a fan-form. They are coated with different materials and forms for different uses. Comes mounted with shank and without of varying sizes.


  • Preparation of final treatment of stainless steel and aluminium surfaces.
  • Finishing, cleaning and blending.
  • Suitable for various applications on wood and plastics
  • Additional cloth inserts allow a higher stock removal and coarser grain finish (Interleaved Wheels)


Non-woven abrasives are made of nylon fleece fibres with the abrasive grains spread evenly within. The elastic material adjusts to every surface and allows constant and reproducible working results. The cool running avoids smearing or otherwise discolouring the workpiece. Nylon fleece wheels are resistant against humidity and do not clog.


The finish produced will be a direct result of speed and application pressure. Alternations in speed (up to the max RPM) and a change of pressure will produce notably different surface qualities. Do not exceed maximum RPM.

*Other sizes and specifications are available upon request.


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Specifications & Dimensions

Wheel with Shank (3mm/6mm)


















Non Woven/Scouring Wheel/Scotchbrite Wheel
Sizes: 6″ X 1″, 6″ X 2″, 8″ X 1″, 8″ X 2″, 4″ X 4″(With Keyhole)
Grit: 100/180/280/400/600

Non Woven Quick Change Disc
Sizes: 2″, 2.5″, 3″ (Other sizes can be customised)

















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