Diamond Abrasives Belt

    Traditional abrasives not cutting your materials? Too slow? Go for Diamond Abrasives!

    World’s leading manufacturer of flexible diamond abrasives and electrolytically metallised fabrics – Made in Switzerland. The control of complex technologies such as metallisation of fabrics, electroplating, metal bond and resin bond sintering, moulded resin expertise, spray coating and standard coated abrasives technologies allows for technological synergies and truly unique innovations.

    Diamond abrasives are extremely high quality abrasives for the highest performance required. With higher performance, comes cost effectiveness.
    Our diamond abrasives are in the form of Belts, Discs, Sheets, Handpads etc. Consult us today with your requirements!


    • Glass Industry
    • Stone Industry
    • Aerospace Industry
    • Oil and Gas
    • Superhard Coating
    • High Tech Composites

    Please refer to our catalogue below for product list and detailed product specification.

    Did you know?
    The iPhone X stainless steel bezels are being manufactured using our diamond belts because of its quality, consistency and reliability.


    Tempering plants that produce toughened glass are one of the main markets for large belts. The belts are used to arriss the glass on automatic lines from OEMs such as Ashton, Lisec or Bottero, or on stand-alone manual cross belt machines. Edge grinding of glass prior to laminating can also be carried out with belts for applications such as car windshields. Recommended The recommended product for general use on normal glass thicknesses is KGS Telum® Red 200 grit. This produces a good combination of arriss weight and Önish at the high speeds of modern lines. If a heavier arriss is required, this can be achieved with the same belt in a Black 120 grit speciÖcation. Life – Dry Running Either speciÖcation will give good life, producing a consistent edge over a long period of time. Automatic lines always use coolant to improve belt performance and maWimise life, but companies such as Ashton, Bohle and Willian also offer manual machines with the option to use the belts dry, which can provide beneÖts in cleanliness and convenience in production. All belt siYes are available in Öner grits if required, and new developments are providing the ability to achieve a polished Önish on the glass.


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