Choosing the right belt specifications will impact on your grinding performance!

Victory Hardware offers customised sanding belt of various sizes and materials. These sand belts are fitted on various machines, such as back stand grinders, to file belt sanders for many different applications ranging from grinding to finishing. Thus, knowing what specifications of sand belt/abrasive belt you require is important to ensure that the belts chosen are best suited for your applications.

Here are some basic information for your reference.

  • Dimensions

The dimensions of the belt often depends on the machines that you are operating on, nonetheless, the belts can be measured as follows.

The width of the belts is measured as such:

Sanding Belt Width

(Source: – Sanding Belt Width


The length of the belt is measured as such:

Length of Sanding Belt

(Source: – Length of Sanding Belt

The length of sanding belt can be measured by flattening the belt and taking the end to end measurement, followed by doubling that measurement.

Another approach would be to simply cutting the belt apart(straight cut) and taking the end to end measurement.


  • Materials for Sanding Belt / Abrasive Belt

Depending on the material on your workpiece, there will be a suitable abrasive material for the most effective grinding and finishing.

The usual materials used are as such:

  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Zirconium
  • Ceramic
  • Silicon Carbide

Each of these materials have their unique properties and suitability. This will be covered in a separate article.


  • Specifications of Belt

There are also other factors we consider such as:

  1. Grit
  2. Coating
  3. Backing of Abrasive Belt
  4. Structure of Grains
  5. Special Additives Requirements

All these would factor into the overall grinding efficiency of your abrasive belt. These mainly have to do with the material you are working with as well as the set up conditions that the belts are operated in.


Don’t want to get your head into these parameters?

The information in this short article are just the tip of the ice berg, if you don’t want to dwell further, just leave it to a specialist!

Let us have your abrasives requirements and we will do the heavy lifting. If you are experiencing any grinding or finishing inefficiency or problems, or want to improve your value to performance, feel free to get in touch with us and we love to value add to your business.

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