VSM Ceramic Plus XF885 Catalog

We are pleased to introduce the new VSM XF885 Ceramic Plus Fibre Disc

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  1. High and uniform stock removal
  2. Cooler cut and extended life
  3. No flattening, dulling or clogging of the grain


  1. Guaranteed shorter cycle times thanks to a fast and more consistent stock removal
  2. Reduces the risk of discoloration and heat-induced deformation of the work-piece
  3. Optimizes the overall cost of the grinding operation and reduces the unit cost


The next level of ceramic fibre discs.

CERAMICS Plus grains optimize the self-sharpening effect thanks to their microcrystalline structure. Result: A more aggressive behaviour and very little heat.

The optimized fracture behaviour of the abrasive grain plays an essential role in the performance of fibre discs. The wearing away of the workpiece has to be controlled in order to achieve a significant increase in the performance of fibre discs. This ensures a cool cut, an extended service life and an enhanced self-sharpening effect.

  • Thanks to an improved and innovative manufacturing process CERAMICS Plus grains have a crystalline structure which is better adapted to optimizing the performance of the grain compared to conventional ceramic grains which boast a more coarse crystalline structure.
  • The unique microcrystalline structure of CERAMICS Plus grains accounts for a much more subtle breaking down of the grain and produces much sharper edges. The fracture exposes fresh grain with much more aggressive grain tips. Thanks to the much more subtle breaking down process, the self-sharpening effect of the grain is enhanced and one can expect a much longer service life of the tool.