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Selecting the right Cutting and Grinding Disc for your operation

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When it comes to your operation, choosing the right abrasive wheel for your grinder will make your job easier! Choosing the right abrasive wheel will help to have well prepared joints, welds that are not cross contaminated and lasting wheels. Material There is an abrasive wheel that ensured optimal grinding results for all operations. The [...]

Think S.P.O.T for Better Abrasives Performance!

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Think SPOT! Good read to optimal your abrasive performance! Always Think Safe, Act Safe. Choose Our Quality Abrasives Today! To achieve safe, optimal performance of any wire or abrasive product, think S.P.O.T. S—Speed and Size. Choose an appropriately sized product for the tool, and use the manufacturer’s recommended guard. Be sure the maximum safe RPM marked [...]

Choosing the Right Tools in Welding Surface Preparation: Bonded, Coated Abrasives and Wire Brushes

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Choose the right tools for your application will help you spend less time on repairs and cleaning. Know the difference between a wire brush, grinding wheel and flap disc! Following the best practice will extend product life, ensure safety and increase productivity and efficiency! As outlined in the header, the three common tools categories of [...]

An Overview of Different Abrasives Material – Sandpaper

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When we mention about Sandpaper, to the average person, they might all be the same, but to the abrasives geek like us, there are in fact many materials of sandpaper with variance of specifications (type of backing, coating). Material This is how abrasives material have changed over the years: Flint This is the familiar tan sandpaper with grits that [...]

Choosing the Right Abrasive Sanding Belt

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Choosing the right belt specifications will impact on your grinding performance! Victory Hardware offers customised sanding belt of various sizes and materials. These sand belts are fitted on various machines, such as back stand grinders, to file belt sanders for many different applications ranging from grinding to finishing. Thus, knowing what specifications of sand belt/abrasive belt you require [...]

VSM XF885 Ceramic Plus+ Fibre Disc – Long Lasting and High Performance

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We are pleased to introduce the new VSM XF885 Ceramic Plus Fibre Disc View the catalogue here! VSM Ceramic Plus XF885 Catalog Features: High and uniform stock removal Cooler cut and extended life No flattening, dulling or clogging of the grain Advantages: Guaranteed shorter cycle times thanks to a fast and more consistent stock removal Reduces [...]

Grit Size Comparison Chart

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Here is a grit size comparison chart that will come in useful when comparing across different grit systems!   The grit sizes are defined by the number of lines per inch (25,4 mm) length of each sieve e.g. 150 lines per inch. Abrasives grit 150 will pass this sieve. This chart is a general overview [...]